NetGlu Refund Policy

Overview: Our refund policy aims to ensure customer satisfaction while maintaining fair and transparent practices for both buyers and sellers on our platform.

Advertising Refunds:

  • Please note that all advertising purchases on NetGlu are final. We do not offer refunds for advertising services once your ad is live or scheduled. This policy is due to the nature of digital advertising and the resources involved in setting up and managing ad campaigns. We encourage advertisers to carefully review and select their advertising options and targeting criteria to ensure they meet their marketing objectives.

Service Refunds:

  • Refunds for services purchased through NetGlu's marketplace are subject to the terms and conditions set by individual service providers. We encourage customers to review these terms before making a purchase.
  • In cases where services are not delivered as described, customers may be eligible for a refund. This process requires submitting a claim within a specified period from the purchase date.

Membership/Subscription Refunds:

  • For subscription-based services, users can cancel their subscription at any time. However, refunds for the current subscription period are typically not provided unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • Any changes or discontinuation of service will be communicated to users in advance, and pro-rated refunds will be issued where applicable.

Dispute Resolution:

  • We encourage direct resolution between buyers and sellers. If a satisfactory resolution is not reached, NetGlu will mediate to ensure fair outcomes.


  • Special circumstances, such as technical issues directly attributable to NetGlu, will be considered for refunds on a case-by-case basis.

Contact and Claim Process:

  • To request a refund or report a problem, please contact our support team with all relevant details of your purchase.